As leading innovative european distributor INTEPAS provides Products and Services, which within more than 2.500 clients and partners in over 24 countries succeed their businesses.

Our vision is to improve the expiries in worldwide trade with mobile phone accessories and to raise the quality of life of people. We would like to make each of our customers an efficient and powerful company. Innovations in different areas help us in it: Mobile technology becomes the kind and change manner, how people in companies work and mobile technology will change the way as people master their private everyday life.

Five important dates define the INTEPAS financial year

04/15 — company general meeting

06/15 — internal auditing

10/15 — liquidity planning for comming year

11/15 — publishing the annual report of previous year

12/31 — end of financial year

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INTEPAS Investor Relations


INTEPAS is focussed on technical products in terms of

  • development
  • sales
  • import
  • export

INTEPAS is providing concepts for specific sales strategy based on territories or channels

  • packaging
  • marketing
  • logistic
  • representative issues



On the background of the stable commercial model INTEPAS has continued his profitable growth course and in the business year 2012 has achieved new record values with turnover and operating results. The company turnover is in comparison to the year before about 24.46 percent on 16.13 million EUR (PFY 12.96 million EUR) risen.


“Employees can do anything: if you educate them, if you give them the tools, but above all, if you trust them.”

Hans-Olaf Henkel, president federal association of the German industry [1995-2000]


Tax Information for your Purchase Department.

Registered Office:


Register Court:

Local Court of Wiesbaden, HRB 21969


DE 814462475

Managing Director:

Thomas Ruff


Finance Department

Phone: +49 6723 9983-120

Fax: +49 6723 9983-121



“A dollar which is earned on the market raises the company value more than one dollar which comes by less costs to the cash.” Unknown author

Extract of Results of the Audit 31. December 2010 done by external certified public accountant Agenda

  • Scope of audit and audit approach
  • Main emphasis of the audit
  • Summary of audit findings

Scope of the audit and audit approach

  • Single financial statements of INTEPAS according to German GAAP (HGB) Audit approach
  • Based on the evaluation and audit of the internal control system we identified critical audit objectives and determined the emphases of the audit
  • Based thereon, we performed analytical procedures and plausibility checks
  • Beyond that, we applied tests of details to the single and consolidated financial statements by using sampling methods

Main emphasis of the audit

  • Process of preparation of the annual financial statements
  • Existence and valuation of the inventory stocks
  • Existence and valuation of the trade receivables
  • Recognition and valuation of accruals
  • Completeness of accounts payable
  • Revenue recognition

Summary of audit findings

The bookeeping entries are proper

  • financial statements comply with German GAAP and the additional requirements of German commercial law (Handelsgesetzbuch: German Commercial Code)
  • The financial Statements give a true and fair view of the net assets, financial position and results of operations of the Company
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