Founded 2005, INTEPAS (INTEGRATED PARTNERSHIP SOLUTIONS) is one of the leading distributors in Europe concentrated on solutions in “mobile communication” for genuine mobile phone accessories. Primary focus is to fulfil demands of affiliated integrated partners. Customers can rely on individual services like customized fulfilment, marketing and have access to awarded tools like IPS 3P – Partner Participation Project and IPS 4B – Best Partner.


Main brands are Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Parrot followed by trend setting brands for Apple: GeckoGear – Australia, CQ – United States, Lianzoo & [theartists] – Italy.

Obliged to customer´s success INTEPAS has always been ambitious, creative, effective & independent and will make sure it stays that way.

As leading innovative european distributor INTEPAS provides products and services, which within more than 2.500 clients and partners in over 24 countries succeed their businesses.

Our vision is to improve the expires in worldwide trade with mobile phone accessories and to raise the life quality of people. We would like to make each of our partners an efficient and powerful company. Innovations in different areas help us doing so: Mobile technologie sets new standards when it comes to work procedures and it will change the way people master their privat every day life.


Nike Trading Group of Companies has its routs in 1978 when Gianfranco Gelmetti started his vision to discover opportunities in future markets and building up business units to serve those markets.

Starting in consulting and representing plant engineering and construction for several industries Gianfranco established an European Industry Network – unique at that time and still exceptional at these days.

As an answer to steady growth after 20 years, 1998 NIKE TRADING (ITALY) S.r.l. was founded. Besides the core business of consulting and representing plant engineering and construction all over Europe, in parts on an exclusive base, a distribution concept for telecommunication accessories was set up.

Following strictly the strategy within a short time Nike Distribution became the biggest distributor for original mobile phone accessories in Italy. Throughout the coming years the distribution unit changed from classical to modern distribution. The product portfolio was completed by services and solutions for trade partners. To offer those Integrated Partnership Solutions and the portfolio of mobile phone accessories also outside of Italy a new business unit was set up in the center of Europe: INTEPAS Deutschland GmbH.

Still a family business the organization is operated by the three sons of the founder Giovanni Gelmetti, Andrea Gelmetti, Lorenzo Gelmetti with the strategic cooperation of Thomas Ruff.

“Your sustainable success is our motivation and our greatest quality requirements”
Thomas Ruff

Managing Director, INTEPAS

INTEPAS Deutschland GmbH

INTEPAS Deutschland GmbH
Adalbert-Stifter-Str. 15
65375 Oestrich-Winkel

Phone: +49 6723 99 83-120
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E-Mail: info@intepas.com

Nike Trading Italy S. R. L.

Nike Trading (Italy) s.r.l.
Via Boccaccio 81/L
20090 Trezzano Sul Naviglio (MI)

Phone: +39 0290390160
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E-Mail: info@niketradingitaly.com